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    The building Licence

    Company "Kovcheg " has a Building licence. We implement building contracts and we can act as a general contractor.

    The Government of Moscow

    Company " Kovcheg " is a member of the Commission dealing with inter-regional and economic relations in the council of business people at the government of Moscow.
    We want to play an active role in the formation of a fair business - community and the creation of a

    lawful state.

    European Rental Association
    Kovcheg, LLC is the first company in Russia that entered the European Rental Association (ERA). ERA is the association of the equipment rental sector in Europe. ERA nowadays represents over 4 200 rental and manufacturing companies in Europe such as Cramo Group, Caterpillar S.A.R.L., Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV.

    We want to keep up with the track of advanced manufacturing sciences and to take advantage of overseas companies` best practices.

    Official Dealer of KOMAC

    Company " Kovcheg " is an official distributor of "КОМАС" in Russia. The Korean company " КОМАС " specializes in the manufacture of the boom mounted hydraulic breakers and other hydraulic attachments (Hydraulic Crusher, Pulverizer, Vibrating Compactor, Vibrating Roller, Pile Driver etc). "КОМАС" is the holder of 19 patents, Certificate СЕ, Certificate of D-U-N-S number, Homologation Certificate, ISO 9001 and AEM Member.

    Homologation Certificate (Russia)

    KOMAC products (boom mounted hydraulic breakers: KB 100, KB 150, KB 200, KB 250, KB 300, KB 350, KB 400, KB 1000, KB 1500, KB 2000, KB 3500, KB 3600, KB 4200, TOR 13, TOR 18, TOR 23, TOR 36, TOR 42, TOR 55 / serial production) correspond with the demands of the normative documents: State Standard 12.2.040-79, State Standard 12.2.086-83.

    Exhibition CTT 2008

    Company " Kovcheg " participates in the special exhibitions promoting high standards of service.

    Exhibition CTT 2007

    Company " Kovcheg " participates in the special exhibitions promoting high standards of service.


    Company " Kovcheg " has its own Internet - representation.
    You can obtain information about all given services, quotations and news on our Web-site.


    Company " Kovcheg " has its own brand image aimed at recognition.


    Show CONEXPO RUSSIA' 2008

    BALTIC BUILD Exhibition ' 2008

    Revue of CCT' 2008

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