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    ERA, the European Rental Association, is the representative association of the equipment rental sector in Europe. ERA nowadays represents over 4,200 rental companies in Europe, either through 12 national rental associations or directly such as Aggreco plc, Cramo Group, Euroloc, GAM, Loxam, Speedy Hire plc, Caterpillar S.A.R.L., Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV, Volve CE Europe, Komatsu Europe International NV, JCB, Construction New Holland (CNH), Ingersoll Rand – Bobcat, Atlas Copco Group, JLC and Wacker Construction Equipment AG (see link:

    The key mission of ERA is to promote the rental concept in order to facilitate a continued growth of the sector by creating an open European market, at a much larger scale than any national market.

    To achieve this goal, ERA acts as the representative association of the equipment rental sector at European level, complementing the activities undertaken by the national associations locally.

    Working on the general rental conditions, the promotion of the rental concept, EU affairs, and industry statistics, the ERA develops positions on these business and policy issues, which the Association then conveys to the appropriate European decision-makers in order to ensure that the voice of the rental industry is heard and taken into account.

    KOVCHEG, LLC is the first company in Russia that entered the European Rental Association (ERA) in 2007. We want to keep up with the track of advanced manufacturing sciences and to take advantage of overseas companies` best practices.

    The association is open to all European national rental association as well as to all operators who have at least one operating location in Europe. The association is also open to associate members who are stakeholders in the rental industry.


    ERA - European Rental Association
    Av. Marcel Thiry 204
    B-1200 Brussels, Belgium
    Tel: + 32 2 774 9401
    Fax: + 32 2 774 9690

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