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    Construction Work

    Kovcheg, LLC has wide experience in the performance of construction work. We use only modern building machinery and high technologies. The highly skilled staff will help you to achieve your targets meeting deadline and you will be proud of quality. Work includes development of a project, choice of optimal machinery and methods of excavation. We act as a general contractor.

    Kovcheg, LLC performs the following tasks:

    • Building projects
    • Excavation
    • Construction of temporary and permanent roads
    • Ground handling, depletion and compaction of soil
    • Cleaning of ponds
    • Formation of slopes, fill construction
    • Excavation with backfill
    • Planning
    • Housebreaking
    • Trenching, levelling operation
    • Digging of reservoirs, fire ponds
    • Deepening of reservoirs, alluvium of sand
    • Landscape improvement
    • Clearance
    • Garbage disposal
    • Snow removal

    Our advantages:

    • Ecxtensive experience in the implementation of building contracts
    • The building licence
    • Our own large rent fleet of new imported machinery with a variety riggingthat accounts for implementing trouble-free work and meeting deadlines
    • A variety of rigging- buckets, hydraulic breakers, multi crushers, grabs, long booms
    • Own fueler
    • Our own transport for promt and high quality delivery of machinery in due time
    • The repair base, located in Noginsk, with a secure car park and a repair zone for automobiles and machinery with equipped service bays
    • Exploitation of international experience - Kovcheg, LLC is the first company in Russia that entered the European Rental Association
    • Highly skilled, courteous and attentive staff, experienced in implementing projects
    • High quality of work, a guarantee for the implementation of works
    • We are expanding the fleet of machinery for the execution of work, extending the range of new special equipment, enabling us to carry out more challenging tasks
    • Registration of the documentation at a stipulated time according to your accounting departments requirements
    • Financial stability of the company
    • All machinery is insured.

    Our terms:

    • Consultation of the customer on their premises
    • Our own technical support service on the customers premises - independent repairs during 24 hours a day
    • Our machinery operates 24 hours a day, without days off and holidays - without a surcharge
    • We charge the customer for agency services
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