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    KOVCHEG, LLC transports  standart dimension, oversize  and heavy-weight cargoes, such as road and construction machinery, caterpillar excavating machines and wheel excavators, loaders and mini-loaders, bulldozers, containers and building equipment. Transportation is carried out in Moscow and The Moscow Region, as the whole of The RF. Our  own low-frame platforms and our own manipulators are used for transportation.

    We transport your cargo safe and sound meeting deadlines!


    • Transportation of road and construction machinery
    • Transportation of caterpillar excavating machines and wheel excavators
    • Transportation of bulldozers
    • Transportation of industrial equipment
    • Transportation of building equipment
    • Garbage disposal

    Our advantages:

    • Our own transport for promt and high quality delivery of machinery in due time
    • Our own fueler
    • The repair base, located in Noginsk, with a secure car park and a repair zone for automobiles and machinery  with equipped service bays
    • Exploitation of international experience - KOVCHEG, LLC is the first company in Russia that entered the European Rental Association
    • Highly skilled, courteous and attentive staff, experienced in implementing projects
    • High quality of work, a guarantee for the implementation of works
    • We are expanding the fleet of machinery
    • Registration of the documentation at a stipulated time according to your accounting department’s requirements
    • Financial stability of the company
    • All machinery is insured


    Our terms:

    • Consultation of the customer on their premises
    • Our own technical support service on the customer’s premises - independent repairs during 24 hours a day
    • Our machinery operates 24 hours a day, without days off and holidays - without a surcharge
    • We charge the customer for agency services
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