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    Background to the company. Kovcheg, LLC - rent and sale of road and construction machinery, sale of hydraulic breakers, construction projects.


    KOVCHEG is a dynamic company. Kovcheg, LLC was established by specialists in the field of road and construction machinery and transportation. It was promoted as a company that is able to solve hard tasks by renting road and construction equipment.

    For clients to know and to understand their requirements and needs there is a subdivision in the company that is a general contractor and implements construction projects independently.




    Kovcheg, LLC is a dynamic developing company whose basic activities are:

    • Rent of imported road and construction machinery - excavators, bulldozers, dumpers, destructors, walking excavators
    • Rent of rigging - buckets, hydraulic breakers, multi crushers, grabs , long booms
    • Sale of used imported road and construction machinery
    • Sale of hydraulic breakers, crushers, shears, grabs, compactors etc.
    • Construction work: excavation (ground handling, trenches, excavating road piles), housebreaking, cleaning of ponds, garbage disposal, snow removal
    • Transportation of road and construction machinery, caterpillar excavating machines and wheel excavators, loaders and mini-loaders, bulldozers, containers, building equipment and designs
    • Technical support service


    Chief of KOVCHEGKOMAC Project Director
    Sales Department




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